Using Cloudflare to Speed Up and Secure WordPress (Video Course)


WordPress is a robust and wonderful platform to host your blog or business on, and because of that they have a very large market share of the internet. This large share makes WordPress strong, but also can make it vulnerable and sometimes slow. There are many reasons that it can become vulnerable and slow, and Cloudflare is one of the tools we can use to secure and speed up our sites.

Some of the things Cloudflare can do that many of us are familiar with is how they are a content delivery network (CDN), and are also known as a DNS provider, but they have so much more to offer even on their free tier. This presentation will look at how I use Cloudflare to speed up and secure my sites using the free tier and the benefits of the paid tiers. Grab your note taking tool of choice for this not to be missed event.

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This is a 57 minute video presentation that you can view at your convenience for 3 months.