The Ins and Outs of WordPress Security for Beginners (Video Course)


As you start your journey into WordPress a lot of information gets talked about around security and what you should or shouldn’t do. Some of that information is helpful at best while some is so technical that you throw up your hands and skip it all. This presentation will help you make sense of the information and some common sense approaches to securing your website today and for the future.

Some questions that will be answered are:

  • Do I need to be super technical to be secure… hint, no
  • Will this cost a lot of money… hint, no
  • Will this take a lot of time… hint, no
  • Can I do this myself… hint, yes

We will take a look at how you can secure your site for free using plugins and services that are already available and ready for you to implement. I will show you how you can implement everything in an afternoon and can maintain your security for minimal monthly time.

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This is a 1 hour 10 minute video presentation that you can view at your convenience for 3 months.